Volunteer Sign up

Please include your t-shirt size.

Please choose a minimum of a 2 hr block between 9am-11pm for Saturday & 9am-10pm for Sunday.

Set-up (tables, chairs, tents, equipment, signs, etc.).

Breakdown (tables, chairs, tents, equipment, signs, etc.) 

Sell festival merchandise (T-shirts, hats, etc.)

Prepare popcorn and slushies (for sale)

Receive tickets (for water, food and non-alcoholic beverages). 

Clean (off tables) 

Clean (up litter)

Dump trash (cans & replace trash bags)

Check IDs and secure wrist bracelets

Sell alcohol tickets

Distribute volunteer T-shirts 

Give directions

Restock supplies 

Blacks, Whites and Blues Festival

Located on 11th St. between South Grand and Kansas, Springfield, IL.


The Festival is August 3rd & 4th, 2019:

Saturday 8/3 12pm - 11pm 

Sunday 8/4 12pm - 9pm

Set-up each day is from 9 am - 12pm 

Please bring lawn chairs.