Volunteer Sign up

Please include your t-shirt size.

Please choose a 2 hr block between 9am-11pm for Saturday & 9am-10pm for Sunday.

Set-up (tables, chairs, tents, equipment, signs, etc.).

Breakdown (tables, chairs, tents, equipment, signs, etc.) 

Sell festival merchandise (T-shirts, hats, etc.)

Prepare popcorn and slushies (for sale)

Receive tickets (for water, food and non-alcoholic beverages). 

Clean (off tables) 

Clean (up litter)

Dump trash (cans & replace trash bags)

Check IDs and secure wrist bracelets

Sell alcohol tickets

Distribute volunteer T-shirts 

Give directions

Restock supplies 

Blacks, Whites and Blues Festival

Will be located on 11th St. starting at the corner of South Grand and ends at Kansas.


The Festival is August 4th & 5th, 2018:

Saturday 8/4 12pm - 11pm 

Sunday 8/5 12pm - 9pm

Set-up each day is from 9 am - 12pm 

Please bring lawn chairs.